The story so far...

The Coppermill Hire Co was set up in 2018 by Tom Abel (that's me over there). 

After nearly 10 years of working in the legal profession, I decided that it was time to leave the life of suits and litigation behind me to follow my dream.

Woodwork has been part of our family since my grandfather first hand crafted toys for his sons and grandsons in his shed at the bottom of the garden over 60 years ago. My father has followed this family tradition in his retirement, and now I have chosen the same path for myself. After all, being named "Mr T Abel", it seems written in the stars that I should be in the table business!

At the Coppermill Hire Co, we have a passion for giving a new life to beautifully characteristic old treasures that have been salvaged from sites around the UK. All our tables are handmade (by me, with a little help from my old man) using antique timber, much of which dates back to the 1890's. We feel that up-cycling old materials gives all our pieces an authenticity which is hard to find anywhere else. We also handcraft all our bars and DJ booths from up-cycled and salvaged materials.     

We pride ourselves on offering exceptional individual items with a unique story so our clients can set the perfect scene for their big day. 

We are always keen to keep expanding our collection, so if there's anything specific that you'd like that we don't already have, please let us know and we'll try our very best to source it for you.


See photos of the story so far below: