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Terms & Conditions of Hire

1) Terms of Payment 


1.1 - Upon placing an order, a 20% of hire cost or £200 security deposit payment is added to the quoted price for your order (whichever is the bigger amount). 


1.2 - This amount is in addition to your hire items and is used as a security deposit for any potential breakages, damages and losses. This will be refunded once the balance has been paid and all items have been returned and checked. Any charges will be deducted from this amount (if necessary). 


1.3 - Should the cost of the damages exceed the security deposit amount, then an additional invoice will be issued for these costs. Damage costs will be applied in respect of time taken to repair damage. If items are beyond repair or lost, they will be charged at current market rate including future losses of hire costs.  


1.4 - Your booking will only be secured once the full invoice has been paid.


1.5 - The full hire charge total on the invoice must be paid within 30 days following the issue date of the invoice, along with any additional hire or delivery charges. If no payment is received within 30 days your order will be cancelled.


1.6 - Payments may be made via BACS. Specific payment details will be given at the time of placing your order. 


2) Cancellation 


2.1 - Cancellations must be notified in writing to The Coppermill Hire Co. 


2.2 - The following cancellation charges will apply based on the notification period given: 


a) With all cancellations you will be charged the scuirat deposit of £200 or 20% of the hire costs (whichever is larger). 


              b) With late cancellations you will be charged additionally as below: 


  • 8-4 weeks before the event date 25% of full hire cost will be charged

  • 4-2 weeks before the event date 50% of full hire cost will be charged

  • Under 2 weeks before the event date 100% of full hire cost will be charged


3) Hire Period 


3.1 - All orders are for a single event (not multiple events), unless agreed in advance. 


3.2 - The hire period is for a maximum period of 4 days (including delivery and collection). 


3.3 - Any extension to the hire period must be agreed prior to your event and may be subject to additional charges. 

4) Responsibilities 


4.1 - The items hired shall at all times remain the property of The Coppermill Hire Co.


4.2 - The customer is responsible for the care of the items whilst in their possession during the hire period - from the time of delivery until the items are collected and accepted back into the possession of The Coppermill Hire Co.  


4.3 - The hired items must be stored indoors (a marquee/tent is acceptable).


4.4 - The service we provide is for hire, delivery and collection only. Please note that set up and layout of hired items is the customer’s own responsibility.



5) Damages 


5.1 - All Damages/Breakages/Losses will be charged at the market value of the individual item, with potential additional charges for loss of hire (also see section 1.3 above). 



Red Wine, Tumeric or Water spillages 

on the tables may leave permanent stains if left uncleaned overnight. 

This is deemed as damage to the tables.

You will be charged for cleaning or repairs if any tables are left stained.


6) Cleaning 


6.1 - All goods will be supplied in a clean, ready to use condition.


6.2 - All items must be returned in an equally clean condition. This means:


Tables must be wiped down after use 

and any wax spillage carefully removed.

Please be careful not be scratch/damage the lacquered surface of the tables when removing any wax


6.3 - Failure to return items in a clean condition will result in a 15% charge of the total hire cost and will be taken from the damages  deposit. 



7) Health and Safety Information 


7.1 - Please take care when moving, lifting and using our items. 


7.2 - Please be careful not to hurt your back or catch your fingers or clothes when moving/lifting any of our items.


7.3 - Please note that our furniture is vintage, reclaimed, antique and rustic, so there may potentially be splinters, nails or rusted metal in some of our furniture.


7.4 - Please do not allow guests to stand on any of our tables and/or chairs.

8) Instructions for operating the tables 


8.1 - The tables are heavy and need a minimum of two people to move them. These tables should never be carried or moved by one person.


8.2 - Tables should be carried with the table top side facing towards the ground. This is so you won’t have any problems with the folding legs dropping down and catching your fingers. 


8.3 - Please never hold the weight of the table by the trestle legs. This damages the table. 


8.4 - Tables must be erected and collapsed by a minimum of 2 people so that they can be turned over without hurting yourself or causing damage to the table. 


8.5 - Please be careful not to trap your fingers whilst working the trestle leg mechanisms. 


8.6 - Take care to ensure the leg braces are fully extended when erecting for use. 

9) Liability 


9.1 - The Coppermill Hire Co Ltd accepts no responsibility for any injury or damage caused by the items hired from us. 



10) Insurance 


10.1 - It is strongly advised that you obtain suitable insurance for all items hired from The Coppermill Hire Co. All breakages/damages/losses will be charged accordingly, including charges for loss of hire (as stated above). 

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